Cannabis News of Note for the Week:

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Cannabis Reports of Note for the Week:

New ATRI research looks at legalized pot’s impact on trucking industry


Politico Pro Cannabis: NO DATE YET ON SAFE BANKING MARKUP — The Senate Banking Committee is heading for a markup, but not on the cannabis banking bill.

“Next week is likely going to be the … bankers accountability bill, the executive accountability [bill] and the fentanyl bill,” Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) told Natalie on Wednesday. “And sometime in the near future will be SAFE banking, we hope.”

As far as timing for SAFE, Brown could not provide anything concrete. He said the decision is based on negotiations with Sen. Tim Scott, the ranking Republican on the committee, and on “slot availability.”

Brown added, though, that the vets research bill failing to advance to a Senate floor vote last month did not impact the outlook for the SAFE Banking Act.

“The only thing it did was show that McConnell is always gonna play politics,” he said, referencing the Senate minority leader.

While SAFE is not on the list for next week’s markup, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said it’s a good sign for supporters of the bill that the committee is holding markups after multiple years without any votes on legislation.

“It’s encouraging to have this moment where the chairman and the ranking member are talking about actually a markup of any type,” Cramer said. As far as the dynamic between the veterans research bill and the SAFE Banking Act, Cramer — as a supporter of both — says that one shouldn’t be held up for the other.

“If the window opens for a banking markup, let’s get what is ready and roll with it,” he said. “Cause it only happens every five years.”